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Landscape Construction

Whether you have recently purchased a new home or want to spruce up your existing landscape, our professionally trained crew can transform your property into a beautifully designed outdoor living space.  We can either work off a design you already have or draft a solution to meet your needs.  A well designed landscape implemented by professional installers can significantly enhance your property value.

Sprinkler Systems

Take a vacation and let a well designed sprinkler system take care of your grounds.  It has many benefits for homeowners as well as commercial property owners by significantly increasing your property value and protecting the investment you have put into your landscape.  It also simplifies the process of caring for your plants and lawn, by putting water where it needs to be when it is needed.  All our systems carry a 1 year warranty and include a programmable controller, winter blowout adapter, and introductory training session on how to take advantage of the features your system has to offer.  Our systems also utilize the latest in water conservation technology such as multi-stream distribution nozzles, rain sensors, drip systems, and check valves.

Grounds Maintenance Programs

Whether you are in need of yearly or weekly visits, our maintenance crew is well trained in keeping your property both healthy and beautiful.  We provide a full range of maintenance options that include mowing, trimming and edging; shrub and tree pruning, weeding and bark mulch; fertilization, weed control, debris and pet waste removal.  Enrolling in our maintenance program after we have installed your landscape can be especially valuable as we will warranty your plants for as long as we maintain your yard if you have an automated sprinkler system installed. 

Curb Appeal

How does your home look from the curb? Does it make a great ‘first impression’ to friends, neighbors or maybe even potential homebuyers - will they want to see what's inside?  Whatcom Landscapes offers solutions to help freshen up a home’s curb appeal by offering 3 comprehensive packages including a Bronze package for $495, a Silver package for $795, and a Gold package for $995.  Additional services may also be customized to match your property’s unique needs.  Click "Curb Appeal" above for full details and then contact Whatcom Landscapes to get started improving the appearance of our home.

Landscape Walls

Landscape walls can provide definition to a landscape adding vertical structure to beds, or serve a functional purpose such as creating level areas or retaining slopes to help prevent erosion.  Select either landscape block for a defined look or rock for a more natural appearance.

Paver Patios & Walks

Pavers provide many advantages in relation to concrete.  They come in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures that can be made to accent the color and style of your home, and enhance your outdoor living experience.  Pavers also are more durable and much easier to replace than concrete or asphalt.  Using a permeable paver system can reduce impervious hard surface area and absorb rainwater runoff.

Ponds & Water Features

Ponds can be created to suit your style and taste to include cascading streams and/or waterfalls built with rock, stone, and slate and accented with plants.  Utilizing pondless water features, such as basalt columns, fountains and waterfalls, allows you to enjoy the benefits of a pond, but require less maintenance.  They are more cost-effective, fit in tighter areas, and have decreased liability.  Adding a water feature to your outdoor living space can create a relaxing environment as well as provide a haven for wildlife.

Rainwater Harvesting

Water is a precious resource and our revolutionary RainXchange Rainwater Harvesting system allows you to capture the rainwater that falls on your roof or patio to be used to top off a water feature, supply water to a sprinkler system, or even wash the car.  Impervious surfaces create runoff largely associated with flooding, erosion and pollution of local streams and waterways.  This unique system captures water from these surfaces, stores it for supplemental water use (thereby reducing municipal strain), and infiltrates the overflow into the ground. 

Outdoor Lighting

Significant loss of daylight hours during the winter months prevent many homeowners from fully enjoying their landscapes.  This dilemma can be solved in the form of accent, spot, path or tree lighting.  In addition to highlighting various aspects of your landscape and home, lighting can provide safety along walks and added security to your property.

Holiday Lighting

Let us take the hassle out of your holidays by lighting up the dark and dreary nights.  From LED and mini lights, net and tree wraps, and icicle lights to C7 and C9 bulbs and strings, we can install it all.  Please call for rates and information.

Snow Removal

When the snow flies we break out our shovels and loaders to clear your parking lots, driveways, and walks.  Please call for rates and information.